Chapel Checkup 2/1/19 – Missions Chapel


For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

Ephesians 2:10

By Mr. Matt Pannkuk-Chaplain, Bible Teacher

Today’s chapel was an all school gathering to hear about Missions work.  Twin Oaks Church’s annual World Missions Conference is next week, and on Monday, Feb. 11, missionaries will come and speak to our individual classes.

After chapel band led us in song, several students came up front to recite our theme verse in Spanish (see the picture above)!  What a glorious showcase of God’s diverse work in different cultures and languages all over this world.  Then 3rd-5th grade shared their memory work as well (in English).

One of the missionaries coming to the conferences presented the gospel message in chapel today.  The Spencers have two children attending our school.  It’s wonderful to see those bonds that God uses to connect his people in interesting ways.

He showed us beautiful pieces of woodworking they purchased from a friend in Africa who is quite poor.  These pieces were exquisite!  Mr. Spencer even had his friend create a sign that said “Twin Oaks Christian School.”  Be on the lookout for that sign once we find a proper location for it.

The pieces of wood working, as well as other masterful works of art like the Mona Lisa, were an example of what Ephesians 2:10 says, that we are God’s workmanship and masterpiece.

And we’re even more valuable than the most expensive piece of art!  The Mona Lisa just sits there, but God gave us power and ability to go out into the world and make it a better place!



1) What is our theme this year?

2) What is our theme verse?

3) What picture did Mr. Spencer show at first of his two kids at TOCS?  [It was two monkeys].

4) What is the most dangerous animal in Africa?  Why is it the most dangerous?  [Hippo, because it lives in the river and people have to go there often for water]

5) What other animals were in the pictures he showed?  [Esther was next to a baby elephant, Stephen was kissing a giraffe; he also showed a lion and a hedgehog, crocodile and hippos]

6) How did Stephen and Esther get to school in Africa? [Stephen drove a motorized bike]

7) How much is the Mona Lisa worth? [830 million US dollars]

8) How much does God think we are worth?  [Priceless, even more than 100 Mona Lisas!]

8) What does the Mona Lisa do all day? [Nothing! Just sits there]

9) What can we do as God’s masterpieces? [Live the Story, share the gospel, do beautiful things for God]


May the joy of the LORD be our strength.

Spencers, plaque made by artist in Malawi
The Spencer Family

Twin Oaks Christian School, a ministry of Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church




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