Part 2: Fifth Grade Teacher Mrs. Hillary Donnelley recounts journey back to Twin Oaks Christian School after a year in New York City


By Amanda Compton

Hillary Donnelley was mopping floors at the New York City gym where she worked when her phone rang. Excitement rushed through her, as she was awaiting a call from her husband, Lucas, regarding an interview for a job that would bring them home to St. Louis.

Donnelley had grown weary of the NYC culture. Lucas was rarely home due to a demanding work schedule, Bible-believing churches that expounded upon all of scripture were in slim supply and she worked two part-time jobs – neither of which utilized her teaching gifts.

“Lucas said the interview did not go as expected and that he was not excited about this particular job at all. I was crushed,” said Donnelley, whose desire to be back at Twin Oaks Christian School had dramatically deepened. “It was at this moment that I thought to myself, ‘I cannot do this anymore’ and without thinking twice I texted Rachel Stain to see if there were any job openings at Twin Oaks.”

Donnelley had been following Twin Oaks Christian School on social media and checking the TOCS website periodically for job openings. Rachel Stain, director of advancement and admissions at Twin Oaks, responded to Hillary’s text encouraging her to contact the new Head of School Dr. Dave Schall about the open part-time fifth grade teaching position.

“I wasn’t going to email him at first because I really needed full-time work,” recalled Donnelley. “But there was just something I couldn’t ignore so I went ahead and emailed Dave to see what he said. He did confirm that they were looking for a part-timer and asked me to take a couple of days to think about it before giving him an answer.”

Immediately following that phone call, Donnelley said she typed an email of response to Dr. Schall turning down the part-time position, but quickly decided against sending it, opting instead to wait a couple of days in case she changed her mind.

“An hour later I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and came across one of my sister’s posts, which was Matthew 7:7 with a cute picture,” said Donnelley, adding, “I took a screen shot of the verse and picture. Right after that I received a text from my brother with the exact same picture and verse with the comment, ‘Looks like your style?'”


Donnelley asked her brother if he had captured this image from their sister’s Instagram story. “He didn’t even see it!” she said. “Both Lucas and I knew that this was God and that this meant something. So I started praying asking the Lord to reveal what this meant. After two days of praying, I kept focusing on the word ‘ask.’

Hillary resolved that she should simply ask Dr. Schall if he would consider making the fifth grade teaching position a full-time job and, if so, that she would take it.

“I emailed Dr. Schall and asked what it would look like to make this a full-time job,” said Donnelley. “He said the part-time plan had been put in place before he came on-board and a lot of things would have to fall into place to make this job full-time. He told me not to lose hope and to take another couple of days to figure things out.”

A couple of days later on a Friday afternoon, Donnelley received an unexpected phone call from Dr. Schall.  She said the first words she heard were, “Are you in?” Taken aback, Donnelley questioned what Dave meant by this. “He said that he was making moves to make the fifth grade position full-time, but that he needed to know first that I would for sure take the job,” Hillary explained. “He said he would be working hard for the rest of the day and would hopefully have an answer by Monday.”

An hour later, Dr. Schall called Hillary back to inform her that the deal was done and, as a result, Donnelley would be returning to St. Louis in two weeks as the new fifth grade teacher at Twin Oaks Christian School – a realization that ignited a mixture of emotions.

“This was one of the saddest days because I was leaving my husband in a hard place to feel alone,” acknowledged Donnelley. “But we were trusting the Lord … it can be hard to have faith in a situation like this. I mean, this all happened in a matter of days and we didn’t even know the next time we’d see each other. Lucas didn’t even have any job leads. It is scary not to have any sort of plan.”

Comparing the situation to traveling for work, Donnelley said that while she was thrilled to be back at Twin Oaks, her husband, home and belongings were still in Manhattan. “This whole thing made zero sense, but I had so much peace,” she noted. “I knew that this is where God wanted me and that Lucas would eventually join me in St. Louis.”

In fact, during one of his visits to see Hillary, Lucas reached out to a longtime mentor for advice on finding a job in his field in St. Louis. Donnelley said this mentor had recently launched a small investment company in the area. After a lengthy discussion, the mentor asked Lucas to run his new start-up. Lucas signed the new employment contract on August 27 and plans to relocate to St. Louis in late December or early January.

“Lucas’ dream has always been to get in on a start-up!” said Donnelley. “This is an opportunity he would’ve never pursued if I wouldn’t have taken the job with Twin Oaks. This is almost exactly where we want to be. God worked out all of this for our good in merely four weeks . . . and it all seemed impossible.”

When asked how God used this experience to grow her spiritually,  Donnelley answered, “God used this time to show us that there are more important things in life than our careers and that our decisions should not be based solely on that. I don’t think it was the wrong decision, as we’ve learned a lot, but I do think we elevated the value of our careers a little too much.”

Donnelley went on to say that, during this time, she believes God was answering prayers and calling the people He wanted to Twin Oaks Christian School.  “Twin Oaks is an amazing place and I loved my first year here, but I knew I could always visit,” added Donnelley. “That is how I know God orchestrated all of this. He made it happen in a way I could’ve never done myself. I came back for this school, not necessarily St. Louis. It was this place.”

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