First Things First: Go! Tell the Story! of 2017-2018


Sing to the LORD, bless his name; tell of his salvation from day to day.  Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!

Psalm 96:2-3



Mr. Matthew Pannkuk-Chaplain, Middle School Bible Teacher

The weekend before this school year began, in the first devotion sent out, you were asked, “What will the story of Twin Oaks 2017-2018 be?  What story has God written for this school year?  Will you pray for the story of Twin Oaks?  Let us also praise God for 45 years worth of wonderful stories to tell.  He has always been good to us, and I look forward to the stories we will tell of his amazing love and providential care these next weeks and months.”

The LORD has done many marvelous works at Twin Oaks this school year.  What are some stories of his love and care these past weeks and months that you can think of? Take some time to consider the many events, people, experiences, and opportunities you can thank God for providing this school year.

After you think of those things, praise God for them!  Sing to the LORD a song of thanksgiving.  Bless his name.  Tell others of his salvation he showed us this year; how he brought us the right man to lead our school at the right time; also how day to day he showered his precious children with his love and blessing through the teachers and staff and parents of the Twin Oaks community.

Declare his glory!  Declare it to anyone you meet, from your neighbors to your dentist to your friends to Facebook friends.  Any and all peoples from any and all places, tell them the story of God’s amazing deeds!

Our theme this year was “Go! Tell the Story!”  Our theme verse was Psalm 96:2-3 (see above). We wanted the children to catch a vision of how wonderful and amazing this God of ours truly is, and what marvels he performs for us.

Mission to the World, the missionary organization of the PCA, which is the denomination Twin Oaks is a part of, is endeavoring to raise up the next generation of missionaries.  They are praying for 1% of the people currently in PCA churches to join the mission field.  They are seeking to make St. Louis a hub for missions work, and Twin Oaks wants to be a part of that grand plan.  We want to see Jesus Christ spread throughout all the world, for his name to be praised, for his wonders to be shared to all nations, and for everyone to be told his story.

The Bible tells this story, the Big Story, the Story of Stories.  A story of a good Creation made by a great God, and the Rebellion that poisoned this world and condemned his beloved people. A story of a loving LORD who did not allow his loved ones to perish but sent his Son to achieve a grand Redemption that would begin a complete Restoration of what had been lost and broken.

Is this the Story that brings joy to your heart, that you love to proclaim?  Is this the Story you see in your children’s life?

Is this the Story you share with the world?  Is this the Story that you saw at Twin Oaks this year?

This is the Story your students were taught.  This is the Story that they taught us through class led chapels, in-class presentations, and by their Godly growth in Christ.

What was the Story you saw the LORD write at Twin Oaks this year?  Will you Go! Tell the Story! of his goodness to us?  This is a Story that people would love to hear.  It’s a Story that is a delight to share.

I hope you have been as blessed by living out this Story of glory at Twin Oaks as I have been this year.

May the LORD grant you a safe, blessed, and abundant summer!


Twin Oaks Christian School, a ministry of Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church



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