Twin Oaks Christian School to host two Open Houses next week


By Amanda Compton

Are you or someone you know looking for a school with high academic standards as well as a genuine love for Jesus Christ, His children and His church?

If so, Twin Oaks Christian School will be hosting two Open Houses next week — one on Thursday, Jan. 18, at 7:00 p.m. and another on Friday, Jan. 19, at 9:00 a.m. The Open Houses will provide an in-depth look at what TOCS has to offer students in preschool through eighth grade. 

“The purpose of our Open House tours is for interested families to walk around our building, see the beautiful facilities, and meet/observe some of the wonderful teachers and staff,” said TOCS Director of Admissions Rachel Stain, who also has a child attending Twin Oaks. “My hope is that it will be evident to touring families that Twin Oaks Christian School is a place where students are educated well and Christ is glorified in all that we do.” 

During the Thursday event, fifth and sixth grade students will showcase projects that they have been working on during class. The TOCS Middle School Coordinator Mrs. Julie Cordray will then give a brief presentation about the Middle School program to prospective families as well as to the TOCS parents already in attendance. 

“Our teachers take seriously the call to create a love of learning while building character and nurturing hearts to love and serve God,” said TOCS Head of School Sherry Blough. “Our teachers also help each other teach. Their collaboration and cooperative interactions as teaching teams produce academic and relational results. Team leaders inform and advise administrators as well as the teachers on their teams. There is a level of humility and grace among them that keeps everyone’s stress level low.” 

Twin Oaks Christian School serves students from more than 40 local church congregations and around 200 students enrolled. The school is located on the south side of Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church at the corner of Highway 141 and Big Bend. 

As the largest ministry of Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church, there is a significant emphasis on service and giving at Twin Oaks Christian School. This means serving the community through on and off campus service opportunities, which helps prepare students for a life of caring, giving and serving. 

Matt Pannkuk, who teaches sixth grade and Middle School Bible, appreciates that the children are allowed to grow and learn freely. “There are definitely rules, but also lots of grace,” said Pannkuk. “The students and teachers are incredibly encouraged and well supported by the administration, staff, parents and church. It is a joyous place to work!” 

The morning and evening Open House sessions vary slightly in that morning visitors will be in the building while school is in progress. This means morning groups get to attend the weekly Chapel with the students and then be led on a tour by the TOCS Middle School Leadership Corps. What is especially neat about this particular tour, according to Stain, is that visitors get to peek into the classrooms while class is in progress. 

On the other hand, the evening families will have the opportunity to speak with teachers and ask them questions about their classes and curriculum. Both sessions will get to meet the administration. Donuts and coffee will be served at the morning session and cookies and water that evening. 

“Deciding upon a school for our children is an important decision, so we want parents to be comfortable with our programs and excited to send their students to Twin Oaks Christian School!” added Stain.

Twin Oaks Christian School, a ministry of Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church



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