Meet the new Kindergarten Teacher Miss Ashley Prosser

Miss Prosser with her mom, Carol Prosser, on the beach at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina

By Amanda Compton

The new Kindergarten Teacher Ashley Prosser is no stranger to Twin Oaks Christian School.

In addition to having attended Middle School at TOCS, her mom, Mrs. Carol Prosser, teaches preschool and has become a beloved fixture of the school. In fact, one of Ashley’s fondest memories is visiting her mom’s class with her late pet Hedgehog, Stella, who went on to be the Kindergarten classroom pet.

Now that she and her mom work together, Ashley said she enjoys sharing stories with Mrs. Prosser about her former students. “My students think it’s really cool when we see my mom in the hallway!” said Ashley with a laugh.

Prosser graduated in December 2016 with an Early Childhood degree from Harding University in Searcy, Ark. Because she knew it would be difficult finding a teaching job mid-year, Ashley opted to stay in Searcy and substitute teach for the area schools.

“It was so much fun to be in different classrooms and different grades!” said Miss Prosser. “I ended up in a long-term sub position in a third grade math classroom. My time spent subbing was the best preparation I could have asked for before having my own classroom.”

Shortly after graduation, Ashley was informed by her mom that there would be an open position at Twin Oaks for the 2017-2018 school year. Miss Prosser immediately seized the opportunity and submitted her resume.

“I was able to interview during my spring break and I stopped seeking jobs soon after that.” she said. “When I went in for my interview, I thought there was no way a Kindergarten position would be open because Katie Ragsdale had been teaching Kindergarten so long. I was very excited to hear teaching Kindergarten would be an option since Katie wanted to move up to teach first grade! Twin Oaks felt like the right school for me and I hoped I would be able to spend my first year teaching here.”

The mornings at Twin Oaks have captured her heart, as this is when Miss Prosser and her students share prayer requests and pray together. “I love that they know there is nothing too big or too small to pray for,” noted Prosser. “We pray for everything from family members in the hospital to paper-cuts on fingers and I think that’s wonderful.”

When asked about one of her biggest first-year teaching challenges, she said, “One thing I have always struggled with is meaning what I say and saying what I mean. I have had to work REALLY hard on carrying out consequences in my classroom.”

As a student at Twin Oaks, Miss Prosser recalls looking forward to returning to school on Monday mornings after the weekend. “I never thought I would come back and teach but I am glad God brought me here!” she added.

Her hobbies outside of work include spending time with her big family as well as her Old English Sheepdog, Beatrice. She also enjoys painting, drawing and attending church at The Journey Tower Grove.

Learn more about Miss Prosser below!

Eagle Flyer: You and our third grade teacher, Miss McElmurry, recently became roommates! How did you two become such good friends?

Miss Prosser: We had met at a church summer camp in high school, but it wasn’t until this summer while working together at Twin Oaks that we got to know each other and really hit it off.


Eagle Flyer: What is one of your pet peeves?

Miss Prosser: I will share as long as all Kindergarten parents promise not to tell their students 😉  I cannot stand when people chew food loudly!


Eagle Flyer: Tell us a little about your hedgehog, Stella?Prosser5

Miss Prosser: I got Stella just before my last semester of college. I wanted a Hedgehog for a long time and my parents finally gave in because I knew she would make a great classroom pet someday! I went back to school that semester but Stella couldn’t live with me so my parents had to take care of her. They did a wonderful job keeping her from hibernating in the winter months (not an easy task)

Stella is very socialized for a hedgehog, she lets Kindergarteners pet her without getting too prickly and she never bites 🙂

Twin Oaks Christian School, a ministry of Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church


2 thoughts on “Meet the new Kindergarten Teacher Miss Ashley Prosser

  1. Loved reading this and now I understand why my granddaughter, Kerrigan, loves Ms. Prosser. What a great teacher to have to begin her school years!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ashley is such a “natural” with the Kindergarten children. Her gentle nature and well planned days add to her success. Twin Oaks is blessed to have her!


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