Meet the new Third Grade Teacher Miss Abigail McElmurry

McElmurry_Miss Abigail0241

By Amanda Compton

Born and raised in St. Louis, Miss Abigail McElmurry has always been familiar with Twin Oaks Christian School. However, it wasn’t until Co Head-of-School Mrs. Debbie Stair visited her college campus last spring that she began to feel called to teach at Twin Oaks.

“I got to hear from her about the heart of TOCS and was so impressed with the humility and grace that seems to be the heart of the school,” said McElmurry, who graduated in May with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Covenant College. “The Lord worked quickly and brought me to Twin Oaks after graduation, and I could not be more thankful, as I have personally experienced the Lord’s love, goodness and joy through so many of the staff and students alike!”

Stair attended Covenant College’s annual Career Summit, where Christian school leaders from around the country make presentations to senior graduates as a way to attract new talent to their schools. The first day of the summit is set aside for presentations and, on the second day, students get the opportunity to interview with school leaders.

“It was during this time that I had the opportunity to meet with Abigail,” said Stair. “We invited her to visit our school over Spring Break so she could see the school, meet the teachers and get a feel for the atmosphere at Twin Oaks. I am thankful she said, ‘Yes!'”

When asked about the most challenging aspect of her job as a first year teacher, Miss McElmurry said, “First, I am overjoyed by the fact that each child is an image-bearer of God, uniquely and purposefully made. The challenge is understanding how each child is made individually, and teaching them in a way that honors their gifts, and reaches them in their challenges.”

She went on to say that her goal at Twin Oaks is to use her gifts to glorify God by growing as a teacher in the place where He has placed her. “I am a strong believer in blooming where you are planted, so I continue to pray that the Lord uses me and the gifts he has given me in this community,” said McElmurry.

In her free time, McElmurry said she enjoys embroidering, knitting, painting and reading.  McElmurry attends Chesterfield Presbyterian Church.

Random questions . . .

Eagle Flyer: What is your favorite meal of the day and why?

Miss McElmurry: The combination of my favorite time of the day, mornings, and one of my favorite things to do, eating, creates breakfast. Hands down the best meal of the day! Also because it’s the only meal you can socially acceptably eat dessert for. 🙂

Eagle Flyer: What kinds of books do you enjoy most? If you could recommend one book, which would it be?

Miss McElmurry: I enjoy fantasy and theology books. I would recommend the book I just finished reading to the class, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo.

McElmurry1Group1McElmurry2McElmurry_Miss Abigail0241

Twin Oaks Christian School, a ministry of Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church




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